Marks & Spencer, Cardiff – Hyflex

Complete Roof Waterproofing to all 13 site roofs


Hyflex Exemplar PMMA, Hyflex Exemplar PMMA Anti-slip Walkway System

Marks & Spencer

Initial reason for being called in by the client was due to ongoing continual leaks within the store around important sales areas, please click on the following link for verification!

The Solution
Work Undertaken directly for the client Marks & Spencer, this part of the on-going Marks & Spencer refurbishment programme. Scope of works include approx 20,000 sq mts of Roofing Area including Hyflex Exemplar Anti-slip walkways for on site maintenance safety purposes.

One of M&S’s top 18 flagship stores throughout the UK, ongoing roof leaks on the main sales floor started to cause the store to have Heath & Safety issues (slips & trips) as well as certain machines becoming inoperable.

After various meetings to agree a solution to the problem, Hyflex Exemplar PMMA system was chosen to provide a long term 20 year guarantee to all 13 store roofs.

High on the priority list for the client was that the store had to remain open and therefore the roofing scope of works had to be completed with no distruption to the public and staff during the working programme. In addition, a no hot works solution was very important to the client.

The Benefits
The client, Marks & Spencer, received a 20 year guarantee for all 13 roofs, the guarantee being a single source workmanship and materials guarantee on the installed system.