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Abbey Walk, West Molesey


Enkopur by Moy Materials Ltd

Plan Construction Solutions Ltd

Development comprising 28 residential units (including 14 one bedroom and 6 two bedroom flats, 8 sheltered homes) including 86% affordable homes and associated works including the provision of car and cycle parking, landscaping and refuse and recycling stores following demolition of the 13 houses. The associated works include sewer systems, landscaping, infrastructure, enabling, cable laying and access roads. Moy and Plan Construction Solutions Ltd worked alongside the Main Contractor to assist with complex and problematic design complications following project commencement.
The rooftops were initially designed to be finished with low-pitched, concrete tiles with one particular tile specified which was permitted at the required degree of pitch. On late investigation, the specified tile was only engineered to be used on single story roofs and rafter lengths of 5Lm below a 12 pitch. As roof construction had commenced, the designed roof shape and pitch could not be altered and therefore a suitable alternative solution was required by the client team.

Moy partnered closely with the Architects and Design Management Team to provide a bespoke specification which allowed a liquid waterproofing system (Enkopur) to be used along with designing a new method of ventilating the roof space.
We ensured to specify our Enkopur liquid waterproofing system so that no external alterations to the building design impacted upon planning approvals. We further worked to keep the roof void fully ventilated so that the remainder of the project could be installed as originally designed and to cost.
Discovering that the proposed pitched concrete roof tiles could not be used within the construction brief presented a major issue for our client at a very late stage with buildings already constructed and all roof trusses either installed or ordered.
With start dates for the roofing package only a few weeks away Moy were employed by the client, Architect and Main Contractor to produce a suitable and cost-effective solution to changing the roofs from pitched tiles roofs to pitched liquid waterproofing roofs without changing the building design and to ensure minimal cost implications, as well as ensuring follow-on trades would not be affected and have to change their proposed works.
Roof waterproofing works with Moy’s Enkopur system started on time and were completed to cost and within tight programme constraints, with high praise passed on from the site management team for the performance of Plan Construction Solutions Ltd.