Aspen Close & Sorrell Drive, Birmingham – Centaur

Aspen Close & Sorrell Drive, Birmingham


Centech PU 20 BUR System

Optima Housing

Brindley Asphalt

A 20 year Centech PU built up roofing system has been installed to the existing roof areas on five multi-tenanted buildings in Birmingham.

With a 14 week schedule for the entire project, requiring completion prior to the Christmas holiday period, the client decided to overlay the failing reinforced bitumen membrane with a warm roof system that would prevent further water ingress, whilst improving thermal performance and satisfying current building regulations. As the buildings were to remain occupied, it was essential that the new roofing system was low odour and could be cold-applied quickly and quietly to avoid risk or disruption to residents. The client also required a 20 year guarantee covering both materials and labour.

The Solution
The Centaur built-up roofing system specified, comprised Centech PIR Flat Board Insulation, Centech SA Carrier/VCL Membrane and finished with a Centech PU 20 liquid waterproofing system which was installed directly to the previous roof waterproofing system. In addition, new access rooflights were also installed on each roof to replace the original units which were fragile and non-compliant.
The porch roofs on each building were also stripped back to the timber deck and refurbished with the Centech PU 20 year system.

The Benefits
The complete Centech PU system was installed by Brindley Asphalt Limited – an approved Centaur Quality Partnership contractor. The system was installed quickly, minimising disruption. The Centech PU system is cold applied and does not require gas torches and heat as part of the installation process thus eliminating the need for high risk, hot works on the roof. It is also low odour, which ensured that residents were not exposed to smells or the risk of sensitisation to any harsh chemicals during installation.
The new system meets current building regulations and has improved the thermal efficiency of each building. The buildings are now more comfortable for residents who will now benefit from reduced heating costs.
A Centaur 20 year single point guarantee for materials and labour was provided on completion.