Berkshire House, Reading – Tremco

Fully waterproof wearing surface


TREMCO MMA Flexible External with full membrane

Berkshire House, Reading

Main: Torsion Group, Specialist: Rateavon

The Challenge
TREMCO was asked to propose a fully waterproof wearing surface to prevent the ingress of water to occupied areas below. The system was applied to an existing asphalt surfaced deck.

The Solution
A rapid cure system was required as works were carried out in phases to allow access for other trades.

Liquid-applied systems also proved very adaptable for detailing around the many service penetrations through the deck.

The Product
TREMCO was selected based on a combination of performance and cost effectiveness. TREMCO’s long track-record of successfully over-coating existing asphalt waterproofing systems was also important.

For many owners, upgrading and extending the life by over-coating existing sound, but leaking asphalt waterproofing systems was an attractive alternative to the cost and disruption of replacement.