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Blenheim Court, Marlborough Road, N19 London


Wecryl Waterproofing System

Islington Borough Council

Partnering Contractors Ltd

40 asphalt balconies needed to be waterproofed and insulated. These balconies had a limited threshold height of approximately 50mm underneath the doors and windows.

The Solution
Kingspan Optim-R and TR22 insulation boards were used to provide a thin, but thermally effective offering. A Wecryl Waterproofing System was then applied to the insulation to create a thin, hard wearing and non-slip waterproofed solution.

The Benefits
The system provided a thin, hard wearing, non-slip waterproof coating. The thermal performance of the balconies were also improved. The layers comprised of slightly different PMMA resins for the specific aims: Such as a waterproofing layer, a wearing layer and a protection layer. Combined these then provide an excellent purpose made solution, with all the elements being impervious to water.

The Wecryl systems are not only strong, but they also have high levels of elasticity that can easily cope with any possible structural or thermal movement.

Due to the rapid curing nature of the WestWood products, individual balconies could easily be completed in one day.