Bluewater Yellow Car Park, Dartford – Tremco

Waterproof the deck of the yellow car park


TREMCO MMA Rapid Cure System, Migutan FP90

BlueCo. Bluewater SC Management

Hilton Abbey

The Challenge
Project to waterproof the deck of the yellow car park. This involved waterproof mechanical movement joints and waterproof decking system over the existing asphalt surface.
The yellow car park is one of 4 parking structures serving the Bluewater shopping centre and is adjacent to House of Fraser one of the anchor stores. The car park comprises 3 levels of parking and is a pre-cast, post-tensioned structure.

The Solution
A refurbishment and upgrade of the existing asphalt waterproofing and movement joints had been planned for some time. Tremco were involved in successful trials in 2015 of their Migutan FP90 mechanical movement joints used in conjunction with their MMA Rapid Cure Flexible System. Mutual compatibility of the MMJ waterproofing was vital to avoid problems and split liability. The successful track record of the MMA Rapid Cure System for asphalt overlays was also very important.