Bristol & West House – Westwood Liquid Technologies

Bristol & West House, Bournemouth


Wecryl 276, WMP 713 Metal Primer and Wecryl 230/ 230 thix


Warner Contracting Ltd

As this was a light well courtyard roof that is overlooked by five floors, the architect wanted something that was visually interesting and pleasing. Initially coloured gravel and rubber crumb had been mentioned, but this wasn’t practical to install.

The Solution
WestWood’s Wecryl 230 waterproofing was combined with an additional Wecryl 288 coloured sealer coat.

The Benefits
The Wecryl waterproofing was easily and quickly applied to the existing felt membrane. The liquid waterproofing could easily be installed around any awkward detailing or up-stands. As the products can be self-terminated, no chases or unsightly termination bars were required. The additional layer of Wecryl 288 created the different coloured finish. This product can be mixed to most RAL colours to provide great design options.