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Café/Terrace Area


Elastoflex Liquid Waterproofing System

Caledonian MacBrayne

George Brolly & Co (Roofing) Ltd.

Home to the popular children’s TV programme ‘Balamory’; the Caledonian MacBrayne ferry terminal in the port of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull was in need of refurbishing. The external café terrace area, which is popular with passengers passing through the terminal, had become dilapidated and the need for rejuvenation was evident. Having previously renovated the main flat roof to the terminal, Icopal Limited were asked to propose a new waterproofing solution to the lower level terrace areas.

Constructed of solid concrete, asphalt and paving slabs, the existing terrace areas were beginning to show signs of deterioration with the presence of potential hazards for the customers. Aside from its primary waterproofing purpose, the proposed solution needed to be suitably robust, achieving an anti-skid surface whilst creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for the passengers. Time was also a critical element as the works were scheduled to be carried out during the busy summer months where interruption to business was to be kept to a minimum.

Following removal of the paving slabs, inspection of the asphalt concluded that it was satisfactory to receive an overlay system. The preferred recommendation involved the application of Icopal’s Elastoflex liquid-applied waterproofing membrane in conjunction with the very robust anti-skid surface finish.

Prior to the application of the Elastoflex membrane, the asphalt surface was thoroughly prepared and primed including treatment using a fungicidal wash to eliminate any future growth of weeds, mosses etc.

The wet-on-wet methodology of the Elastoflex liquid membrane permitted speedy installation of the primary waterproofing layers. This subsequently allowed for the application of the anti-skid surface finish to follow on quickly.

The end result proved such a success that George Brolly & Co (Roofing) Ltd received the NFRC Scottish Flat Roofing Award for 2009.