Care Centre, Blackpool – Kemper System

Care Centre, Blackpool


Stratex warm roof system

Blackpool Borough Council


A new day care centre constructed within the grounds of a local school and providing a range of support services to the local community. A low level, flat roofed building was designed with an unusual rectilinear shape that combined modern materials within a contemporary but accessible style.

The Challenge

The single-storey building had a relatively large roof area and a warm roof construction was required, a particularly short construction window meant a system was needed that could be installed quickly yet offer a long term, low maintenance roof meeting stringent thermal specifications. The curved roof design offered a particular challenge.

The Solution

Kemper’s newly launched Stratex warm roof system was installed. This was a ‘one-stop’ solution with all materials from insulation and vapour barrier to the liquid-applied roofing membrane supplied from a single company and installed by a fully trained, approved contractor.

The Benefits

The installation was not only completed within a very short construction window but with an overall cost saving compared to the other options considered. The insulated roof and fully bonded membrane will provide long-life protection which is highly durable and resistant to weathering, thermal expansion and mechanical damage whilst allowing occasional foot traffic for servicing and maintenance.