Cleeve Road – Moy Materials

Cleeve Road


Enkopur by Moy Materials Ltd and Tapered Insulation by Jablit

Plan Construction Solutions Ltd

Scheme comprised the demolition of 82 and 84 Cleeve Road and formation of new vehicular access, construction of 90 residential units including car parking. The associated works include access roads, enabling, infrastructure, sewer systems and landscaping.
This project showcases a mixture of sloping vented cold roofs and tapered insulated warm roofs over five blocks.
Cost constraints initially pointed the client team towards a mix of single ply and reinforced bituminous membrane systems with no consideration given to a cold-applied, fully reinforced liquid waterproofing alternative.

Engaging with the client’s design team, Moy demonstrated that the adoption of our Enkopur cold-applied waterproofing system as a complete roofing package could drive down programme times, meet all key design objectives and fall within tight project budgets.
Moy worked with our tapered insulation partners to produce a bespoke tapered insulation design scheme comprising tapered EPS with a fibreboard topper, suitable for receiving a direct overlay with Enkopur.
The tapered design directed rainwater to outlet positions efficiently and the use of Enkopur enabled the complete system to be installed quickly and without complication.
An on-site modification to the tapered insulation system was required when the floor planks (hollow deck) to a large area where installed to a different thickness. Hot wire cutting of the EPS insulation was carried out on site to ensure a continued flow of water to drainage points.