CPA: Code for Construction Product Information Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Where can I find the detailed report on the Code?


Q. How do I provide feedback on the Code?

A. Please reply to the Consultation using the links provided on the website. You will be able to reply as an individual or as a Company.

Q. Why should our business adopt the Code?

A. As a Manufacturer adopting the Code and being authorised to use the CCPI logo you are providing confidence to your Customers that the information they receive from you can be relied upon.

Q. Is the Code mandatory?

A. The Code will not be mandatory at first, although it has been made clear to us that, if industry does not take the Code up voluntarily, then Government will move to legislate. We also expect the Public Sector to demand that all of their procurement is with code compliant companies. Very soon, the majority of users of construction product information will come to realise that only by working with code compliant Manufacturers can they be sure of the product performance information they are using, and insurers are sure to demand it on large schemes too.

Q. When will the Code come into force?

A. The Code will come into being later this year. However, please do not wait for the Code to come into being before starting the work to become code compliant. The detail in the consultation report makes it clear what needs to be done, and we urge you to begin this work straight away, to ensure you can become code compliant at the earliest opportunity.

Q. There is a lot of work for my organization to become code compliant. Can I become registered when I am part compliant?

A. One of the areas we are particularly interested in finding out from the consultation is how long businesses need to become compliant, and specifically against which clauses. We understand that some kind of lead in period will be necessary and the consultation feedback will help us to assess this.

Q. Will there be a cost to registering with the Code?

A. We have created a not-for-profit organization to administer the Code, which will lean on the Considerate Constructors Scheme administration set up, all of which is designed to keep costs to a minimum. There will however be an initial registration cost and an ongoing annual subscription to cover assessment, audit and general management costs, and the amount of these fees will depend on the size of organization.

Q. Who is behind the Code?

A. The Code is an industry-wide initiative created and developed by the Marketing Integrity Group (MIG) on behalf of the Construction Products Association, the leading voice for Construction Product Manufacturers operating in the UK. The MIG members are made up of marketing and technical professionals from across the industry which ensures the entirety of our industry has had input to the make up of the Code.

Q. What happens if someone doesn’t abide by the Code?

A. If a business that is registered with the Code is found to not be abiding by it, then a three-step process will be introduced, similar to that used in other industries. At first, we will endeavour to work with the organisation concerned, highlighting the issues, with the expectation that they will work with us to put right any errors. If the organization does not respond to this then there will be some form of suspension. In the general media industry, the Advertising Standards Authority has the power at this stage to ban companies from being able to advertise, and we may seek to adopt a similar approach until such time as the firm gets its house in order. If all else fails, then ultimately the Company will have its registration cancelled and this will be made clear on the website.

Q. How do I make my views known?

A. It is really important to us that you make your views known. We ask you to first read and digest the report which accompanies the consultation and then to complete the consultation survey before the end date. Please do not reply directly to the CPA as the survey is being managed on our behalf by an independent third party.

Q. How long is the Consultation running for?

A. We anticipate running the consultation for two months, with a planned closing date of Wednesday 31st March 2021.

Q. If I get asked a question, where do I direct them?

A. The Consultation is being handled by MRA. All enquiries should be directed to them via the microsite. Details are can be found at