The Construction Products Association (CPA) has unveiled a draft Code of Conduct for product marketing, following the Hackitt review.

The guidance, which will go out for consultation this April, is an important step towards improving product claims from manufacturers in their marketing material.

The draft code includes a commitment to honest claims, and to avoid “misleading or ambiguous wording” and to “supply products which are materially the same as those tested, unless stated otherwise”. If the Code of Conduct is approved, it could be put into place later this year.

As members of the LRWA, you will be privy to the most recent updates on the Code, as we are part of the CPA Marketing Integrity Group (MIG) which was set up in 2018, post-Grenfell. We attend meetings to address how we, as the voice of the industry, can improve the information manufacturers provide about products and systems in terms of accuracy, consistency, simplicity and clarity. The work of this group is crucial to the sustainability of our industry in the future, further backing-up the vital need for this new Code of Conduct for marketing literature.