Crown Church of Scotland, Covent Garden – Centaur

Crown Church of Scotland, Covent Garden


Centech PU 15 System

The Walker Prichard Partnership

Supreme Building Services

Centech PU has been used to waterproof roof areas of the Grade II listed Crown Court Church of Scotland, which was founded on the site in the centre of Covent Garden in 1719. The Presbyterian Church, which is the longest established south of the border, was suffering from water penetration through the existing asphalt roofs that had previously protected the historic building and its contents.

The Project
The existing asphalt roofs, that had for many years waterproofed the church, were starting to fail. Cracks were allowing water penetration causing internal damage not only to the structure, but also the priceless and historic contents.
The site, in the centre of Covent Garden, presented its own challenges that meant that stripping the roof and removing the subsequent debris from the site would not be possible. Additionally, extreme care was required so as not to expose the contents to water ingress and damage during installation.

The Solution
A Centech PU 15 year system comprising a mid grey first coat reinforced with Centech GFM followed by a second coat of Centech PU in light grey was installed. The system is cold applied, tough, seamless and joint free, following every contour of the existing roof.

The Benefit
Centech PU was selected to waterproof the roof as the existing asphalt could be left in situ and the 15 year Centech system applied directly. This allowed the Church to be waterproofed without the need to strip the existing asphalt ensuring that the building was not vulnerable during installation.
The system was applied directly to the cleaned substrate without the odour often associated with other systems. This was of particular importance as the roof areas are close to offices, restaurants and outdoor eating areas.
Centech PU does not carry the R42 risk phase “may cause sensitisation by inhalation” carried by many other products. With concerns about odours and sensitisation growing, the use of Centech PU ensured that the risks to those working and relaxing in the area were kept to an absolute minimum.