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East Kilbride Shopping Centre Multi-Storey Car Park




Volker Laser

The Challenge
In April 2013, VolkerLaser were awarded by Cogent a £1.4million contract to deliver works to the multi-storey car park at East Kilbride Shopping Centre. The car park required refurbishment due to arising structural problems caused by defective concrete and screed.

The Solution
Firstly, extensive structural repair was applied to defective concrete. A series of surface preparations including the replacement of defective screed were then carried out in order for a final layer of 6500m² mastic asphalt to be reinstated onto the required levels. The pre-existing waterproofing layer was consequently stripped from floors 11 to 12, and new Radflex Expansion Joints installed. Additionally, VolkerLaser carried out drainage maintenance and repairs on-site, as well as applied new road markings and painted all structural steel areas.

Over the course of the works, VolkerLaser had to decide on an appropriate solution in terms of ensuring the safety of operatives during the reapplications of mastic asphalt to edges. Constantly searching for ways to employ innovative techniques, VolkerLaser’s resolution was to adopt edge protection boards fitted directly onto the parapet rails. Not only did this method ensure the safety of our operatives, but it also provided additional shelter from the wind and rain on the top exposed decks of the car park.

As principal contractor, VolkerLaser managed a local pre-vetted subcontractor specialising in small vehicles in order to gain access to areas where our own company wagons would encounter height restrictions. This solution enabled VolkerLaser to complete the mastic asphalt works on the top most exposed areas, and adhere to the project’s programme without delay.

The car park is located directly within the busy shopping centre. This close proximity to the general public as well as adjacency to live traffic meant that specific risk assessments and method statements needed to be produced, and extensive Health and Safety precautions abided by. To ensure the safety of the public, as well as protect parked vehicles, VolkerLaser completed all disruptive works such as grit blasting solely out of the car park’s opening hours. However, VolkerLaser opted not to work through the night out of courtesy to residents situated near the car park. A small closure to the top-most levels of the car park was also managed appropriately in order to mitigate any potential risk to the public. By applying these measures, the team were able to stick to programme and keep to the client’s specified budget.

The Benefits
The project was completed in October 2013, to the satisfaction of the client and just in time for shoppers to take full advantage of the new structure in the lead up to Christmas.

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