Furnival Gate, Sheffield – Tremco

Refurbish multi-storey car park


TREMCO MMA Rapid Cure Flexible System



The Project
A busy city centre multi-storey car park in Yorkshire has undergone a two-phase refurbishment programme to upgrade and weather-proof its top deck with the MMA Rapid Cure Flexible System from TREMCO being preferred by the specialist contractor involved.

The Solution
The contract was carried out over a four-week period, with PBM ensuring customers continued to have safe access to one half of the 100 plus parking bays at all times. PBM were keen to use the MMA Rapid Cure Flexible System due to the tricky nature of the project and based on previous experience, they know that the product is easy to apply and reliable.
The top deck to the Furnival Gate MSCP featured an ageing polyurethane running surface which was leaking water though to the lower decks. The product was applied with a grey finish to the aisle ways and ramps while the parking bays were finished in green.
The project was a success and was supported throughout by the TREMCO area sales manager and the technical services department.