Get BREXIT Ready…

As members of the Construction Products Association (CPA) we have access to regular updates from government regarding BREXIT and will be using this news section to disseminate information that we believe is crucial for our sector.

Government Immigration White Paper
The Government’s Immigration White Paper sets out proposals for the design of a new immigration system, including caps, skills and salary thresholds, “transitional” routes for short-term workers, and post-study opportunities.

Shortage Occupation Survey
Nine of the UK’s leading trade and representative bodies from the construction supply chain, including the CPA, are working together on a joint research project to identify those occupations where it is hardest to recruit employees. This project is intended to allow the industry to develop a co-ordinated approach to addressing these shortage areas, looking at options for training and recruitment to address hard-to-fill posts. We are keen to hear from companies of all sizes and specialisms across the industry, to ensure that our evidence base is as robust as possible. The survey takes 10 minutes to respond to and is available here. The survey deadline has been extended to 13 January.

Business Readiness Tool for Brexit
The Government has launched an EU Exit Business Readiness Online Tool, which aims to inform what businesses will need to do to prepare for the UK leaving the EU; what’s changing in their sector; and information on specific rules and regulations. To use the Online Tool, you will need to answer seven brief questions to identify the sector the firm is in, whether it imports/exports, whether it processes data from the EU, employs EU/EEA nationals. The Tool then automatically provides links to the relevant published guidance and Technical Notices for firms.

Partnership pack: preparing for changes at the UK border after a ‘no deal’ EU exit
The Government has issued a guide to processes and procedures that are likely to apply to cross-border activity between the UK and the EU in a ‘no deal’ scenario. This Partnership Pack is aimed at helping to support businesses and individuals in their preparations should the UK exit the EU without a deal.