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The £200m regeneration of Gloucester project included a 60 acre mixed-use development on the historic docks and surrounding area. Part of the scheme was the construction of Gloucester Quay, a designer outlet village which is owned by Peel Group, who also own The Trafford Centre, Liverpool John Lennon Airport and The Manchester Ship Canal.

The Challenge
To service the shopping centre the Main Contractor, Bovis Lendlease, required a light weight, durable combined waterproofing membrane and wearing course system, to protect the structure from water ngress and provide an aesthetically pleasing, anti-slip wearing course.

The Solution
Stirling Lloyd Polychem’s Decseal system, which is based on their advanced methylmethacrylate (MMA) technology, was selected. Stirling Lloyd Polychem’s Authorised Contractor who won the contract for the installation, Stirling Lloyd Construction, applied 28,000m2 of Decseal. For the exposed areas of the car park, including the top two decks, it was necessary to use the full system.

Prior to application of the system tensile adhesion tests were taken to confirm that the system would achieve the required bond strength to the concrete substrate. The deck was then primed using Decseal primer and once cured, always in under an hour, the first coat of waterproofing membrane was spray applied. Reinforcement scrim was embedded into the wet material and spike rollered to release any trapped air. Once the membrane had cured, again in under an hour, the second coat of waterproofing was applied. As the waterproofing membrane is spray applied it ensures a seamless finish, with no vulnerable seams for water ingress, as well as making the required detailing simple.

The cured membrane was then ready for the anti-slip wearing course. The cold liquid applied wearing course with aggregate embedded into it was simply poured over the surface, spread to the required thickness and then back rollered to achieve a slip-resistant finish.

On the covered decks, where the waterproofing element of the system was not required by the client, just the primer and wearing course were applied.

The Benefits
For such a busy car park protecting the structure and extending its life was imperative; by selecting Decseal systems Peel Group and the eager shoppers using the car park can be confident in the long lasting, effective protection and bright aesthetic finish provided.