Grafton Street – BMI & Mulberry GBC

Grafton Street Podium Deck


Sealoflex Endura PMMA by BMI

Mulberry GBC

Project Description student accommodation podium deck with hard top cut to fall insulation, expansion joints and waterproofing with hard wearing multicolour layer

Project was carried out until releasing that the night seals cannot be achieved causing large area to be re-done as a result of flooding issues. Methodologies were change to accommodate whole cut-to fall scheme to be completed in small sections of approximately 25m2 under cover with pre-installed timber edges used temporary to divert water and permanent liquid night seals with expansion join around each cell to prevent from cracking, Used Cement boards on top of hard top insulation for heavy foot traffic and several bespoke colours with curved lines and alphabetical letters in the centre of the podium creating words: “Nick Everton House”.

Extremely detailed project with bespoke design and specifications carried out during winter and spring months in Manchester with multiple design adjustments to accommodate inability of night seals due to multi-staggered layers and triangular shape of the deck on two levels with gutters around, bespoke designed and manufactured copings/trims to parapet walls, and expansion joints to each of over 50 separate cells plus a ridge line expansion.

Life site used by thousands of students done in sections and under cover small cells to obtain the whole area waterproofed completing each cell daily with full permanent waterproofing to avoid water ingress on concrete deck with existing falls away from existing drain outlets.