Helifield Castle – Kemper System

Helifield Castle, Yorkshire


Kemperol V210

Private dwelling

The refurbishment of this listed ancient monument, filmed for the TV programme ‘Grand Designs’, was managed and supervised by the architect-owner, who had purchased the building as a crumbling ruin following years of neglect. The ambitious plan, to refurbish the building as a family home, was completed over a period of 2 years. One of the key requirements for the Tower building was to effectively waterproof the flat roof and provide a large balcony area with a hard landscaped decorative surface using natural slate.

The Challenge
This was a listed building and choice of materials was critical to satisfy strict planning requirements as well as provide a long-lasting solution. In addition to maintaining the waterproof integrity of the balcony, the large box gutters to the parapet – originally lead – also required a sympathetic but reliable treatment.

The Solution
Kemperol V210 – a BBA certificated system comprising resin-impregnated reinforcing fleece – was chosen to waterproof the roof underneath the decorative slate promenade tiles and was also used to line the box gutters and drain hoppers. This created a seamless, elastic membrane that could be easily formed, despite the complex shaping requirements, and at a significant time and cost saving. Whilst the architect involved was professionally familiar with Kemperol waterproofing as a flat roof repair material he had not previously used it for this type of application.

The Benefits
Using Kemperol cold liquid waterproofing not only reduced costs over the materials originally specified – which included lead for the box gutters, but contributed to a saving of some 8 weeks on the construction time, allowing the Pele Tower to be completed on schedule and creating an impressive family home in the heart of Yorkshire.