How You Benefit from CPA Membership

The Construction Products Association (CPA) is a really important organisation that represents the UK’s manufacturers and distributors of construction products and materials.

It is the leading voice for the construction industry and acts as an ‘umbrella’ trade body for product-specific trade association members – including the LRWA.

As a member of the LRWA, this means you also get full access to the CPA’s vast benefits and resources.

These include access to extensive industry research and market information available via ‘weekly notes’ as well as the expertise of CPA staff who can advise on economic, technical, regulatory, sustainability and policy matters.

Importantly, membership enables you to get your voice heard on important issues as you can join CPA committees and groups to develop policy positions and promote industry views. There is also the opportunity to attend the CPA’s annual Parliamentary Reception.

Members who want to network can benefit from attendance at CPA events which include meetings with major UK clients as well as the UKTI and foreign governments.

The full list of benefits and resources can be found on the CPA website: click here

For further information, you can also contact the CPA directly by emailing: