Industry Assessment and Classification of Packaging Waste

Companies that produce waste from their operations must assess and classify their wastes in accordance with the Environment Agency’s Technical Guidance WM3. WM3 provides comprehensive technical guidance on the assessment and classification of all wastes which fall within the scope of the European Waste Framework Directive.

This document, which is intended to be complementary to WM3, focuses on waste packaging (containers, ranging from bags, boxes, bottles and tins to kegs, barrels, drums, and IBCs) and includes a flow chart for assessing whether packaging to be taken offsite is waste or not and, if it is waste, whether it is waste packaging or not and whether it should be classified as hazardous or non-hazardous. It does not cover pallets in its scope.

LRWA often get questions from contractors on waste management and classification of packaging following the use of liquid products. Please use the document that can be found on our website to provide guidance click here