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Leeson Polyurethanes
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Established in 1986, Leeson Polyurethanes Ltd is the UK’s largest manufacturer of MDI polyurethane one component (moisture curing) and two component structural adhesives. The company also manufactures a wide range of other polyurethane products including polyurethane binders for playgrounds and sports pitches, industrial and decorative coatings, and polyurethane reactive (PUR) hotmelts for panel lamination. The company’s commitment to quality has been recognized by the granting of approval to ISO 9001:2008. Through its technical dominance and economies of scale, it has been able to offer an unsurpassable package of service to its customers in the UK and export markets.
Leeson Polyurethanes have been supplying waterproofing systems since the mid 1990’s and over that time the systems have demonstrated their quality, durability and ease of maintenance. The company manufactures a range of polyurea based waterproofing membranes based upon one and two component polyurethanes for industrial applications. Formulations based upon aromatic and aliphatic polyurethanes are available. Products include:

Watertite – a BBA Approved high performance 15* year waterproofing System and a 20/25* year waterproofing system for applications on to asphalt and felt roofs

Leeson Hydropruf System – a high performance polyurethane based waterproofing and grip system for balconies, green roofs and parking decks

D3584 Roofbond is a one component polyurethane adhesive for bonding insulating materials e.g. polystyrene, polyurethane, Rockwool as well as bitumen grit on roofs. The adhesive cures by reaction with moisture either from the air or the bonded materials. D3584 Roofbond was developed for the bonding of Rockwool, PUR and EPS insulating panels and PIR and PU foam to general construction materials such as heavy concrete, pumice concrete, gas concrete, wood materials, brickwork, asbestos, steel and primed aluminium as well as bitumen gravel.