Leicester Mercury Building – Kemper System

Leicester Mercury Building


Kemperol V210

Leicester Mercury


Repair project: Original asphalt roof had failed and was leaking. This was in the 1970’s – one of the very first Kemperol cold liquid waterproofing projects in the UK. It is still performing perfectly in 2010 and underlines the longevity and reliability of cold liquid waterproofing compared to other systems.

The Challenge
Several alternative repair options had been used, however these had only lasted a short time before the repair failed and the roof leaked once again. The building had a complex roof with many upstands and penetrations, particularly demanding details, especially in repair situations.

The Solution
Kemperol V210 liquid waterproofing was applied to the main roof area following preparation and priming. There are several roof areas on this building, and over time the original materials have subsequently failed, the facilities manager was so impressed with the Kemperol solution on the main roof that as other areas failed they were repaired using Kemperol. All of these areas continue to provide a leakproof roof to this day.

The Benefits
Kemperol cold liquid waterproofing can be used for repair or newbuild, and when refurbishing failed roofs the original materials do not always have to be replaced, saving on labour time and material disposal costs, the old roof simply has to be prepared and primed. Kemperol is permanently elastic and will bridge small cracks and seams, withstanding both thermal and structural movement which can exert significant pressures on flat roof materials subject to extremes of heat and cold. It requires low maintenance and, because it forms a continuous membrane that is fully bonded to the substrate, it is highly resistant to damage from penetration or weather.