Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA) launches e-learning Training Module

Materials, manufacturing processes and installation techniques are constantly changing and our fast-evolving market demands total competence. The introduction of new products into the liquid roofing market has meant that there is a considerable variety in the choice of materials to be applied to various roof types and details. As a leading industry body, the LRWA recognises that the potential gap in skills needs to be addressed.

With this in mind, the LRWA are proud to announce the launch of our e-learning Training Module, designed to educate LRWA members and roofing contractors, whether site or office based, on how to expertly install liquid waterproofing systems. The LRWA worked closely with manufacturer members to develop an assessed training module that covered all aspects of liquid roofing, but with a particular emphasis on the technical and practical aspects of using the differing chemistries within the industry that also had valid certification at the end of it.

“With an ever-increasing market-share, it is absolutely vital that the liquid roofing and waterproofing industry has first-rate training procedures to rely on to set standards of quality; and as an organisation we are seen as the first port of call to anyone coming in to liquid waterproofing industry or looking to specify our members’ products” comments Chris Bussens, LRWA’s Training Manager. “Our goal is to maximise knowledge and to give peace of mind to the specifier by promoting only quality manufacturers, associate and contractor members.”

The e-learning Training Module will form part of a manufacturer training programme, which is currently being developed by the LRWA, further enhancing the rigorous criteria that all current and prospective members must meet; allowing the LRWA to further establish itself as an industry leading body. Focusing on the most current industry developments and cutting-edge teaching methods, the LRWA continues to plan and invest in technical programmes, professional development and other educational opportunities for members and industry professionals.

For more information on the LRWA e-learning Training Module and related matters, or how to become a member, contact us.