LRWA Members Area – Have You Registered?

Don’t forget to sign up to LRWA ‘Members Area’ on the website, which is now open for registration.

The association has created this exclusive section of the website to offer new LRWA updates and share key industry information that can only be accessed by being a member.

The regularly updated area includes LRWA AGM minutes, our Code of Conduct, Technical Committee minutes, CEO reports from members meetings, published accounts for the association as well as liquid waterproofing market size figures.

It also includes further insight into the wider construction industry – information which cannot always be accessed unless you’re a member of the LRWA. This includes Construction Products Association (CPA) reports and updates reported back from meetings the association has attended. New industry data will also be available such as the recent NFRC Workforce Development Strategy and NFRC Safe2Torch Guidance.

Sarah Spink, CEO, said: “We urge every member of the association to take advantage of the Members Area and sign up today. Not only does this section keep you up-to-date with the running of the association and its core activity, but we now have more of a presence within the wider industry. We’re gaining access to key insight from the Construction Products Association (CPA) by getting more involved on the technical, sustainability and trade association council to ensure we aren’t missing out on vital information which we can report back to our members.”

To register, click here