LRWA Virtual Dragon Team Challenge 2021

The challenge returns; teams of up to 11 people from across the industry are challenged to walk, run, cycle or swim as far as they can in 30 minutes. Bonus kilometres will be available for the photo of the activity in the most original place and the team with the highest fundraising. 

The winners will be awarded based on the total kilometres achieved between 10 and 28 May 2021.

Can you be a Winner in 2021?

WestWood Warriors took gold in 2020’s Challenge

What is the challenge?

The challenge will take place between 10 and 28 May 2021, and anyone can enter a team – members and non-members alike.

Correction factors will be applied to enable the modes of exercise to be comparable in km. For example, the actual run distance will be used, but for walking, the distance recorded will be multiplied by 1.5km. Evidence of distances achieved should be submitted as a team result using apps such as Strava.

Bonus km are also available for those teams who post on LinkedIn and Twitter, using the hashtag; #LRWAdragonchallenge. These include a photo or a video of a participant during their chosen activity wearing a team shirt – 1km bonus for a photo and 2km bonus for a video. The judge will also decide on the best photo submitted by an individual, completing their challenge in the most original place – which will earn an additional 5km onto the total distance for the team. This could be walking up Snowdon or swimming in open water.

We are also going to offer a 10km bonus for the team that raises the most money for the LRWA’s chosen charity for 2021.  

How do we enter?

  • Teams can have up to 11 participants and can be of any age
  • The captain must register their team name and all participants details on the LRWA website by Friday 7th May 2021
  • The captain will select the 11 best distances achieved during the challenge, and submit these on a spreadsheet, with evidence from Strava, to LRWA by Friday 4 June
  • Winners will be announced virtually on 11th June via video link and medals will be awarded to all members of the team who place first, second and third

Vote for the Most Original Photo 2021

A Common Goal

The LRWA Virtual Dragon Team Challenge is a fantastic opportunity to have fun, work as a team for a common goal and raise the profile of our industry through physical exercise – which has been the lifeline for many of us during the Pandemic.

LRWA chosen charity

We are pleased to announce that LandAid have been chosen to be our industry sector’s charity for 2021.

LandAid invests over £2 million every year in projects working to end youth homelessness.
Working in communities across England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales with our invaluable charity partners, LandAid is focussed on providing safe, secure and affordable accommodation for young people across the UK who are experiencing homelessness.

GoFundMe page has been set up for the event so that the fundraising can begin……and don’t forget additional miles given for team that raises the most!

Thank you for your support.

Thank you to our Sponsors!