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Menzies, Wakefield


Wecryl 288, Wecryl 230 thix, Wecryl 220

Menzies Distribution

MCM2 Cladding Systems Ltd

The old failing membrane linings were removed from valley gutters. The roof lights had become porous with UV degradation and age. There was also a front canopy roof that needed rejuvenating along with a new adjacent box gutter.

The Solution
Fleece reinforced Wecryl 230 thix was fully bonded to the existing and new metal gutter. One coat of Wecryl 220 was applied to the porous roof lights. A single coat of Wecryl 288 was applied to the front canopy roof to prolong it’s life span.

The Benefits
Wecryl 230 thix and fleece reinforcement provides a fully bonded, rapid curing seamless system that is tried and tested under standing water. The rapid curing nature of the product is ideal for valley gutters where water runoff from the adjoining roofs is highly likely. Both the Wecryl 220 and 288 are also rapid curing to ensure speed of application with both being shower proof in around 20 minutes.