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Northfield, Hatfield


Wecryl 230 Waterproofing & Wecryl High Build System

Welwyn & Hatfield Housing Trust

Avonside Roofing (Essex)

Two identical blocks of flats were suffering with water ingress from the communal asphalt walkways into the dwellings below. The door threshold heights were minimal.

The Solution
To the asphalt walkways, Wecryl High Build Systems were installed. Concrete canopies and stairs were also waterproofed to protect them.

The Benefits
The High Build System provides a thin, hard wearing, non-slip waterproof coating.

The layers comprise of slightly different PMMA resins for the specific aims: Such as a waterproofing layer, a wearing layer and a protection layer. Combined these then provide an excellent purpose made solution, with all the elements being impervious to water.

The Wecryl systems are not only strong, they also have high levels of elasticity that can easily cope with any possible structural or thermal movement.

Due to the rapid curing properties of all Wecryl products, the inhabitants could freely move to and from their properties whilst the products were being installed. The contractor could also leave site at the end of the day not needing to temporarily protect their work and knowing that they could easily resume the next day.

The walkways were coated in the colder weather, with the majority of the area being in the shade. However, the combination of cold air temperatures and a cold substrate, did not hamper the products being installed and their ability to cure rapidly.