Old Vinyl Factory, Hayes – Tremco

Waterproofing solution for a system-build car park


TREMCO CP Urethane System and MMA Internal

Old Vinyl Factory

Huber Systems

The Project
A technically sound waterproofing solution for a system-build car park constructor.

The Solution
TREMCO was selected by Huber Systems, a car park constructor, to provide the waterproofing to the roof and internal decks of their Hayes facility constructed for Purplex LLP to serve the offices of this re-development of the historic gramophone and vinyl record factory. The car park provides 424 parking spaces over 7 floors.
The decks, which are of composite permanent metal decking and concrete construction, were waterproofed using TREMCO’s MMA Internal System for the internal decks and PU system for the roof deck.

Additional Effects
The photo shows the external cladding of steel panels perforated with drilled holes to recreate the famous scene of screaming girls at a Beatles concert from the 1960s.