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Centech PU 20 System

Redbridge College

Millane Contract Services Ltd

A 20 year Centech PU system has been installed at Redbridge College in Romford, Essex, to roof areas that were last refurbished more than 15 years ago, with a traditional built up felt system. The client wished to carry out the remedial works during term time and whilst the buildings were occupied.

The Project
The roof areas were generally in good condition although the existing waterproofing system was reaching the end of its service life. Limited water penetration was occurring
at joints and around the roof’s ventilation units.
The requirement to carry out remedial works during term time meant the selection of a system that could be installed quickly and quietly without intrusive odours and above all without exposing occupants to risk and inconvenience. Survey work confirmed that the majority of the insulation was in good condition and not in need of replacement. The client required a comprehensive 20 year guarantee for the project that covered both materials and labour.

The Solution
A reinforced 20 year Centech PU system was applied directly to the existing roof surfaces, once steam cleaning of the existing roof to remove moss, lichen and accumulated dirt and debris had been completed.

The Benefit
The liquid applied Centech PU system was installed without the risks associated with hot works by eliminating the use of gas torches and hot bitumen. The low odour features and safe nature of the Centech PU system also ensured that the impact of the Contractor’s presence on the roof was minimised whilst ensuring that occupants were not exposed to pervasive odours and the risks of sensitisation to chemicals.
The system utilises Centech Glass Fibre Mat a reinforcing fabric that when incorporated into the Centech PU can be moulded to any contour providing a tough, durable and completely joint free roof covering conforming to every detail of the existing roof.
On completion a Centaur 20 year single point Guarantee was provided for the project covering both materials and labour.