Five Ways Entertainment Centre, Birmingham – Triflex

Five Way Entertainment Centre


Triflex ProTect and Triflex ProDetail

Malcom Hollis

Rio Asphalt and Paving Co. Ltd

The Five Ways Entertainment Centre is a landmark building located in a popular district of Birmingham that houses a large 12 screen cinema, numerous restaurants, a gym and a casino. The complex, located just off Broad Street, has an approximately 5,500m2 flat roof, which had previously been waterproofed using a fully adhered EPDM membrane.

Independent surveys identified a variety of integrity issues relating to the failing membrane. The failures manifested themselves with increasing levels of water ingress into the building, coupled with obvious signs of visible water damage.

Given the nature of the building, it was important that there was no disruption to the day-to-day operation of the complex and it was quickly established that the removal of the existing warm roof was not a viable option.

The Solution
Triflex ProTect®, a cold liquid applied solution using methacrylate resin technology, was installed across the main roof area. All of the complex perimeter details and upstands were similarly re-waterproofed using Triflex ProDetail®. This included the roof vents that were installed locally to allow any damp insulation to dry and dissipate any vapour pressure. Both systems offer a large application window and can be applied at temperatures as low as 0°C with no extension to cure times. This was particularly important given that works commenced in December 2015.

On-site surveys by Triflex Technical Services revealed a rubber tiled walkway that needed to be carefully removed in sections and replaced with a Triflex Recovery Board, before being overlaid and fully encapsulated with Triflex ProTect®.

A system incorporating a quartz aggregate embedded into Triflex ProTect® with a durable finish coating of Triflex Cryl Finish 205, was used to provide clear, heavy duty and anti-skid pedestrian access walkways.

The Benefits
The use of Triflex ProTect® means that the roof at the Five Ways complex now benefits from a completely watertight membrane, which will guarantee the safety and security of the roof for years to come. The bright, anti-skid walkways help to reduce the chance of any slips, trips or falls from service personnel, whilst also improving the aesthetics of the roof itself.