Social Housing – Kemper System

Social Housing

40 flats with balconies

Kemperol 2K PUR waterproofing with TC coating

Housing Trust

Castle Contractors

The Challenge
A refurbishment project on two blocks of flats with approximately 40 housing units on each block. The original balcony waterproofing was leaking due to poor waterproofing at the perimeter upstands

The Solution
The balconies were refurbished using Kemperol 2K-PUR solvent free waterproofing, with a wearing course of Kemperol TC. During this process a fall was also added to improve water run-off.

The Benefits
Kemperol solvent-free waterproofing is ideal for refurbishment where disturbance and inconvenience to occupants has to be minimised. This was a social housing project affecting some 80 families, the repairs were carried out without having to evict occupants. The Kemperol waterproofing fully bonded to the substrate, ensuring a reliable termination at the perimeter upstand, whilst providing a skid-resistant surface to the balconies that was highly durable and gave an attractive, low-maintenance finish.