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The Flower Bowl


Decothane Root Resistant Green Roof

W Hughes and Sons

The Flower Bowl is a large new build leisure complex which offers a range of attractions including an indoor bowling alley, a curling rink, a crazy golf course and golf simulator, a cinema and restaurants. The project has been developed as part of an existing garden centre in a semi-rural Lancashire location close to Preston and the garden centre’s owners were keen for the scheme to be designed around the principles of sustainability and low environmental impact. As a result, the new building features a curved green roof, reflecting the local landscape of rolling hills, and there are even plans to graze sheep on the roof.

The client selected the Sika Liquid Plastics system based on trust in the local supply chain, along with the clear project focus on sustainability and low impact aesthetics. The service life and performance of the Decothane Root Resistant system in combination with Decotherm insulation was a key element of this, as the client wanted a system that would provide an extended, low maintenance service life with excellent thermal performance to address the low energy and low carbon aims of the building. Sika Liquid Plastics was able to provide a complete system, specifically designed for a green roof installation with warm roof build up.

The roof works began with the installation of the S-VAP 500e vapour control and moisture barrier layer, followed by the Decotherm insulation, which was mechanically fixed to the profiled metal deck. This created the contours for the hill-shaped roof, ensuring that the required shape was achieved over the large-scale roof area, with falls in multiple directions to aid drainage via outlets located at various points around the lower edge of the perimeter. Following installation of the insulation, the whole roof area was coated with the Decothane system which has been especially formulated and proven for green roof applications. The roof contours created challenging undulations which could only be waterproofed using a liquid system. The exposed edges at the perimeter were coated using Sika Liquid Plastics’ green roof detailing coat, with a special colour mixed to match the fascia and the grass, creating terminations with a high quality aesthetic and performance. The finished roof was then seeded with grass and the client is planning to use the roof to graze sheep when the grass is well-enough established.