The Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association (LRWA) has announced that its chosen charity for 2021 is LandAid.

Working in communities across the UK, LandAid brings together companies and individuals from across the property and construction industries to help young people who are experiencing homelessness. This is achieved by awarding grants to projects which offer shelter and support, offering free property expertise, and providing safe, secure and affordable accommodation.

As part of its pledge to support LandAid in 2021, the LRWA has signed up to be one of the charity’s ‘Networks Against Homelessness.’ This will see the association raise awareness of LandAid and its aims throughout the year, and encourage members to donate. The LRWA will also hold events to help raise money for the cause, beginning with the Virtual Dragon Team Challenge, which takes place from 10 – 28 May 2021.

Sarah Spink, CEO of the LRWA, said: “LandAid is a fantastic charity focused on working with the whole property and construction industry to achieve lasting change. I love the idea of the roofing sector helping youngsters to get a roof over their head. By working together, there is the potential to raise a significant amount of money to help achieve that aim and make a difference.

“Building on the success of last year, we are confident that the Virtual Dragon Team Challenge will be a key fundraiser. Subject to any potential Covid restrictions, we hope to follow this event with our 2021 Awards and Gala Dinner in Liverpool later this year.

“In the meantime, we would like to encourage all our members to take a look at the invaluable work LandAid is carrying out. Our partnership offers a chance to give something back and play a role in helping thousands of young people who are finding themselves homeless every year.”

Michael Regan, senior corporate partnerships manager for LandAid, added: “LandAid brings together property, construction and real estate businesses to build and renovate accommodation for young people who are homeless.

“We are delighted and excited to have been chosen as the LRWA’s new charity partner, and look forward hugely to engaging their members with our mission, both through raising vital funds and volunteering their time, skills and expertise to help charities all over the UK”