Polyroof Online CPD Training

Roofing Risk Management: A Considered Approach to Solving Flat Roof Issues

This seminar is relevant to any specifier or stakeholder involved in the refurbishment of flat roofs. The content is designed to encourage a holistic decision making process to minimise the risk to the specifier and their clients. It will help you to understand the following topics:

  • The causes of flat roof failures
  • How to identify defects and take a proactive approach to remedying them
  • How proper design is essential to achieve the expected roof lifespan
  • How to determine the factors that influence a best-fit roofing solution
  • Safety considerations, the steps to take to minimise risks and liability for you and your client and your duty of care when involved in flat roof projects
  • How to analyse beyond budget figures to determine a true cost of a roofing solution
  • How to work with a manufacturer to reduce risk to you and your client

See the RIBA Core Curriculum here / Running Time: 45 minutes

Flat Roofs: A Guide to Liquid Applied Roofing Systems

The seminar introduces three different common types of liquid applied system, while comparing their individual characteristics and performance.

  • An understanding of liquid systems and what differentiates them from each other
  • Informed knowledge in order to choose the correct system for the application
  • Ability to design flat roofs to ensure compatibility with liquid systems
  • An understanding of the relevant regulations that affect liquid applied systems

See the RIBA Core Curriculum here

Knowledge level: General Awareness / Running Time: 45 minutes