Manufacturer Basic Competency Programme (BCP) for Liquid Roofing

In 2015, the LRWA launched its Basic Competency Programme (BCP) recognised by CITB. As one of the most significant improvements in training, and a first for the industry, the BCP acknowledges the contribution of manufacturers towards providing a skills base through training in the use of their materials to satisfy the requirements of the red CSCS card.

Many operatives have successfully completed the programme since its launch, which has further enhanced the quality of manufacturer training, and it could be argued the BCP is now one of the most important and successful training programs in the flat roofing sector.

Why Do Operatives Need a CSCS card?
CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) cards are increasingly required to get onto a construction site. They provide proof that individuals working on site have the required training and qualifications for the type of work they carry out. A full list of cards can be found on the CSCS website:

Successful completion of the Basic Competency Programme (BCP) and a valid CITB Health, Safety & Environment Test (HSE) will allow the trainee to register for a (red) Experienced Worker Card. The Experienced Worker card is not renewable and will expire after 3 years. Instead, you can apply for a blue “Skilled Worker” CSCS card provided you have achieved the NVQ2 in Roofing Occupations during that period.

The achievement of vocational qualifications in Liquid Roofing & Waterproofing is supported by this organisation

Which LRWA Manufacturer Members Offer BCP Training Courses?

Cold Applied Liquid Roofing
Bauder Ltd
G&B (North West) Ltd
Kemper System Ltd
Langley Waterproofing Systems Ltd
Moy Materials Ltd
Polyroof Products Ltd
Proteus Waterproofing
Scott Bader Ltd
Sika Liquid Plastics
Soprema UK Ltd
Tor Coatings Ltd
WestWood Ltd

Hot Melt Liquid Roofing
Bauder Ltd

Look for the LRWA Approved BCP logo!

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Is There Any Funding Available to Cover the Cost of the Course?
LRWA offered £50 per person (Experienced Workers only) following successful completion of any of the manufacturer BCP courses for a limited period. Payment will be made after verification by LRWA. This grant is in addition to normal CITB day rate grant for registered companies, meaning that a company can claim up to £150 for a two day BCP course per employee.

(Please note – funding is only available for those who attended a course between 1st June 2017 and 30th August 2019)

BCP £50 Claim Form
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How Do You Apply for a CSCS Card after Completion of the BCP Course?
For information on how the process works please download the BCP Leaflet:
Basic Competency Programme Overview

Applying for CSCS cards