On-site Assessment Training (OSAT)

The OSAT course is specially designed for experienced roofing contractors who have no formal qualification, and is a simple, fast and effective route to obtaining a relevant NVQ diploma. With no courses to attend, assessment and any training are carried out on-site, meaning that there is minimal disruption to everyday work activities. Once the NVQ2 has been obtained, workers can apply for the blue CSCS ‘Skilled Worker’ card.
(The CITB definition of an Experienced Worker is someone who has been working on a specific occupation for at least 1 year in the past 3)

How Long Does it Last and How is it Delivered?
An experienced installer should be able to complete an OSAT within 3-6 months if they can gather all the relevant evidence. OSATs should take no longer than 12 months.
There are no courses to attend! An experienced, qualified LRWA accredited assessor will visit you in the workplace, assess your skills and provide training towards the qualifications if required. The assessor will advise on how to gather the necessary evidence from the workplace and how to build a portfolio to achieve the VQ. It is important to remember that the learner must be working on liquid roofing projects during the OSAT to generate the evidence and performing a role where the mandatory units are achievable.
Once you have gained your Level 2 VQ, you will then be able to apply for a blue skilled worker CSCS card which demonstrates your competence to work on site

How Much Does it Cost?
Please contact LRWA on training@lrwa.org.uk for more details.
Cost per candidate is £1200.00

What is Involved?
• Induction meeting with the candidate(s)
• Registration of candidate for the VQ
• Provision of Portfolio and assistance with evidence collection
• On Site Assessment/Observation of each candidate; monitor and review the Candidate’s progress
• Complete claim form for achievement of VQ Units
• Internal verification of portfolio assessments
• Application for Certificate of VQ Achievement on completion

What are the Benefits of OSAT?
• Minimal disruption to your work.
• In the majority of cases little or no time is spent away from work, normal work activities are observed and existing equipment used.
• The employee’s existing administration and archive systems are used to produce evidence of the candidate’s work competence.
• Employees are more comfortable with the completion of a portfolio through evidence collection and assessing their job knowledge without the need for a written test.
• Part funded for CITB registered companies (correct for 2017).
• Level 2 VQ ‘Applied Waterproof Membranes -Liquid Roofing’
• Access to a blue Skilled Worker CSCS card

How do I Apply for an OSAT?
Email LRWA at training@lrwa.org.uk with your contact details and potential trainee details. The LRWA Training Coordinator or a LRWA Assessor will be in contact to profile the trainee and ensure that the SAP is the correct training course for them, and begin the application process or advise on alternative training options.