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Centech PU 20 System

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Associated Roofing and Maintenance

A 20 year Centech PU system has been used to re-roof the Sports Centre reception and changing room areas at the University of Exeter. The original flat roof areas had been patch repaired over the years, but with more water penetrating the buildings, it was essential to effectively treat the failing roof with an effective long lasting system.

The Project
The extensive area above the reception and changing rooms incorporated several north lights and some building plant, which would require a system capable of handling complex detailing in order to provide a seamless, watertight seal.
It was important that the new roofing system was low odour and could be cold-applied quickly and quietly to avoid the risk or disruption to staff and visitors who would continue to use the buildings.
A comprehensive 20 year guarantee for both materials and labour was a prerequisite of the project.

The Solution
The original waterproofing was left in situ and all loose chippings removed before Centech SA Carrier Membrane was installed to even out the rough nature of the existing roof surface. This was followed by the fully reinforced Centech PU 20 System applied to the entire roof area.

The Benefit
The liquid applied Centech PU system was installed by Associated Roofing and Maintenance (ARM) – an approved Centaur Quality Partnership contractor. Eliminating the need for any hot works, the Centech system dramatically reduced fire risks and, because it is low odour, did not expose the occupants to any pungent smells or the potential for sensitisation by inhalation during application.
The system incorporating a glass fibre mat reinforced base coat followed by a top coat was installed quickly and effectively, particularly around the plant and rooflights, which required complex detailing to ensure that the entire roof was watertight.
A Centaur 20 year single point guarantee for materials and labour was issued on completion of the project.