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Valentine & Thompson House, Hillington Square


Wecryl Waterproofing System & Wecryl High Build System

Freebridge Community Housing

Proctor Roofing Ltd

Due to the timeframes involved, Freebridge Community Housing needed a fast curing and robust system to apply to the existing asphalt and new timber balconies. There were minimal threshold heights to the doorways and windows, so the client needed not only a robust system, but also a thin reliable solution.

The Solution
WestWood’s Wecryl Waterproofing System was used on the new timber balconies and the Wecryl High Build System was installed on to the asphalt walkways and balconies.

The Benefits
Both systems provided a thin, hard wearing, non-slip waterproof coating.

The layers comprise of slightly different PMMA resins for the specific aims: Such as a waterproofing layer, a wearing layer and a protection layer. Combined these then provide an excellent purpose made solution, with all the elements being impervious to water.

The Wecryl systems are not only strong, they also have high levels of elasticity that can easily cope with any possible structural or thermal movement.
As this was a major development, which involved several trades working in close proximity, this could’ve caused issues. However, due to the rapid curing properties of all Wecryl products, the installers had the peace of mind that no other trades could ruin their work due to prolonged curing times.