Warwick University, CP15 – Tremco

Long-term waterproofing


TREMCO MMA Flexible System

Warwick University


The Project
The car park is of steel frame construction with pre-cast planks and structural topping. A waterproofing system was never applied to the roof deck, instead relying on a matrix of mastic sealed rebates to provide waterproofing integrity. Over the years this approach had been supplemented by various other palliative measures such as resin crack injection to seal leaks.

The Solution
The decision was taken to provide long term waterproofing integrity by installing a waterproofing system. The TREMCO MMA Rapid Cure Flexible System was chosen by the client following a technical presentation and comparison with other available systems. The works were carried out in marginal weather conditions in the Spring, where the rapidcure, and low temperature cure characteristics of the system were of huge benefit.
Highly elastomeric reinforced bands were used to treat all the existing construction joints / cracks before overlaying the main layers of the system.