Inverted Roof Systems

In this type of construction, the principal thermal insulation material is applied on top of the weatherproof covering so that the complete roof construction including roof covering is kept at warm temperatures during the winter months and at moderate temperatures during the summer months; the system is also referred to as a ‘protected membrane’, or ‘upside down’ roof. Liquid applied membranes are used as the waterproofing layer below the insulation layer, usually directly over the structural deck where their seamless nature is a great advantage over sheet systems.

For more information regarding the use of liquid applied membranes as part of an inverted roof please refer to the LRWA Code of Practice for Roofs which is available to download.

Inverted Roof System in Detail

Inverted Roof Systems – The Benefits

  • Seamless
  • Tough flexible membranes
  • Easy to install
  • Simple detailing
  • Root resistant grades available