Waterproofing for Balconies

Balconies and walkways are often exposed to the destructive forces of the elements ­ rain, sunlight and freezing conditions. Additionally, foot traffic, plant growth and the corrosive effects of road salt transferred by pedestrians make a hostile environment for the substrate which is often reinforced concrete.

Liquid applied membranes are suitable for the protection of the substrate, providing a well adhered slip and wear resistant barrier to protect the structure.

Liquid applied membranes can be used on the most complex of details, which are often found, for example, around handrail supports, thresholds, rainwater outlets and downspouts. These hard wearing, textured systems may be fleece or structurally reinforced.

For more information regarding the use of liquid applied membranes please refer to the LRWA Code of Practice and Guidance Notes which are available to download.

Waterproofing for Balconies in Detail


Balcony and walkway systems using liquid applied – The Benefits

  • Cost effective, long life waterproofing
  • Easy to apply with minimal disruption to building occupants
  • Fire and impact resistance
  • Hard wearing, decorative, skid resistant finishes
  • Tough and UV resistant with excellent colour stability
  • Capable of bridging cracks and joints
  • Easy to clean