Waterproofing for Car Parks

The specific demands of multi-storey car parks are unique. They are exposed structures and are therefore vulnerable to attack from water, chemicals, chlorides and UV radiation. In addition, vehicles bring in de-icing salts and exhaust fumes that can further accelerate the deterioration process.

Failed deck joints and surface waterproofing can cause severe maintenance problems for owners of multi-storey car parks and can lead to leaking of surface water to the decks below. This in turn causes corrosion of the steel reinforcement and compromises the integrity of the structure.

Liquid applied membranes are regularly specified on multi-storey car parks to enhance the life expectancy and provide a tough, elastomeric, seamless and decorative finish. They have an established track record spanning many years and are the preferred choice for specifiers and engineers around the world.

For more information regarding the use of liquid applied membranes please refer to the LRWA Code of Practice and Guidance Notes which are available to download.

Waterproofing for Car Parks in Detail


Car Parks using liquid applied membranes – The benefits

  • Cost effective, long-term protection
  • Increased life span for both new and existing structures
  • Extremely easy to mix apply
  • Durable, effective protection
  • Resistant to fire, petrol, diesel and brake fluid
  • Thin-section, lightweight material
  • Friendly to both the applicator and the environment
  • Aesthetically pleasing bright, clearly laid out and attractive car parks
  • Elastomeric, resistant to UV damage and exhibits excellent colour stability
  • Seamless membranes, capable of bridging the cracks and joints often caused by traffic movement or thermal expansion.