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Constricted by Dumfries & Galloway Council Planning to a “room in the roof” design the client instructed David Lamb Architectural Services to submit a Planning Application on our behalf modifying an existing apex roof design to a curved roof. The client sought to build a house to meet their needs and would evolve organically. This application went to full Planning Committee & was approved 14 February 2017. Consideration was given to the construction details with the client favouring wood & oak in particular. Fergus Stuart, Sales Designer, Carpenter Oak & Woodland, Kirriemuir designed an oak framed structure which met the client’s needs exactly & by mid-November 2017 we had a very attractive frame.

The client’s search for a roofing solution was far from straightforward. They had initially favoured a zinc roof but the prohibitive costs & problems associated with a maritime environment (Woodholm is situated directly on the Solway Firth shores) proved insurmountable obstacles. Early September 2017 David Lamb forwarded – a Polyroof’s Newsletter, August/September 2017 – which featured “Introducing our new Anthracite Grey colour with optional standing seams” – with the comment, “Looks interesting”. David was to be proved 100% correct with the client’s immediate positive feelings that here they had a product that would give them the appearance with the necessary performance and brought in within their budget.

By early December 2017 the joiner Paul Watters had the sub decking on place onto which a aluminium membrane was placed by the roofing contractor which gave a water tight working cover.
Woodholm is situated in an area of Southerness that is a designated breeding area of the Natterjack Toad, a European Protected Species. Disturbance during the breeding season of mid-March to mid-October is prohibited by law. Subsequently ground works started mid-October 2017. The aluminium membrane allowed the client to wrap the Oak Frame & install temporary glazing. With snowfall as late as March 2018 the membrane proved to be a life saver! 

By late May 2018 the weather had improved enough for the warm rough to be constructed ready for the liquid waterproofing. Due to the stringent U-Value requirements, the insulation was installed in two layers to enable it to be mechanically fixed appropriately and to enable the boards to follow the curvature of the roof. The top layer of insulation was covered with a further layer of OSB3 which was to provide the substrate for the liquid waterproofing system. The Roofing team arrived Monday 4th June 2018 & led with military precision by foreman Ian Stewart commenced to apply the liquid waterproofing. First, pre-formed standing seam trims were fixed to the deck – their flexible nature allowing them to follow the roof contours. The client had originally specified pre-formed standing seam trims at 1.2 metre centres. However this did not give the effect that the client sought. Ian happily resolved this by placing at 0.6 metre centres.
Pre-formed GRP trims were then fitted to the edges of the roof. The roof was now ready for the Polyester system, which was applied in two coats to provide a lasting waterproof solution. Following the completion of the main roof a porch was constructed and similarly roofed with the liquid membrane, perfectly complementing the main roof section.