Wulfstan Way Flats – Sika Liquid Plastics

Wulfstan Way Flats, Cambridge


Balcons Deco

King Street Housing Society

Tower Asphalt

The Challenge
The concrete balconies of the newly built Wulfstan Way flats required a waterproofing solution that would provide a highly durable, aesthetically pleasing finish.
the solution –

A Balcons Deco system from Sika Liquid Plastics was specified. The full system consists of two coats of fully reinforced Decothane Balcons, with a decorative paint flake mix broadcast into a third coat and sealed with Balcony Sealer 60. The system is completely cold applied and cures to provide seamless waterproof protection.

The Benefits
The addition of a paint flake mix to a coloured coat of Decothane Balcons allows the system to provide a highly aesthetic finish, not only pleasing to the eye but also highly durable and guaranteed to remain waterproof for 10 years. A skid inhibiting agent is also added to the Balcony Sealer to ensure that the surface is suitable and safe for pedestrian traffic. Because the system is liquid applied it can be easily dressed to intricate detail areas, and the project could be quickly completed with minimum disruption.