DH Liquid Coatings Ltd

DH Liquid Coatings Ltd
43 Clitheroe Road

Tel: 07930 550032

Website: www.dhliquidcoatings.co.uk
Contact: barry@dhliquidcoatings.co.uk


DH Liquid Coatings Ltd is a family run business with over 15 years experience in the application of cold applied liquid systems, working with some of the largest manufacturers in the UK.

From staircases, balconies and walkways to carparks and large-scale roofing projects, DHLC Ltd have prioritised client satisfaction and high-quality work since 2012.

Our service offering expands from waterproof coatings to specialist finishes including stone design, tile design, quartz design and equestrian areas.

We pride ourselves on our reputation within the industry, not only with our clients, but with manufacturers alike.

DHLC Ltd ensure we hold a high standard of work and professionalism for every job we do, supported by a team of fully trained and experienced operatives.