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We have 5 different membership levels:

Defined as manufacturer, wholly owned subsidiary or controlled liquid waterproofing system providers

£3,300 (p.a) from 1st Jan 2024

(must meet LRWA criteria)

Manufacturers of ancillary components in the roofing system such as thermal and acoustic insulation, vapour control layers, decking, lightning protection, drainage, plant and safety equipment.

£1,650 (p.a) from 1st Jan 2024

(must meet LRWA criteria and be sponsored by an existing Manufacturer Member)

Defined as companies and individuals that offer a professional service to the liquid roofing sector, who wish to work closely with the LRWA and our members on issues impacting our industry or businesses.

£275 (p.a) from 1st Jan 2024

£1,650 (p.a) from 1st Jan 2024

(must meet LRWA criteria and be sponsored by an existing Manufacturer, Associate or Contractor Member)

Roofing contractors licensed or approved to receive and install the products of one or more of the manufacturer members.

£1,380 (p.a) from 1st Jan 2024

NFRC Member Discount
£1,130 (p.a) from 1st Jan 2024

(must meet LRWA criteria and be sponsored by an existing Manufacturer Member)

Installers of liquid applied membranes working on a labour-only or self-employed basis who can demonstrate a commitment to recognised training methods either nationally (NVQ/SVQ) or by way of that provided by Manufacturer Members.

£255 (p.a) from 1st Jan 2024

(must meet LRWA criteria and be sponsored by an existing Manufacturer Member)

There are many benefits to all our members, full list can be found here 

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Listed below are the latest jobs posted by our LRWA members.

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Jordan Bailey
Director, Proteus Waterproofing

“Whilst the LRWA has been supporting and contributing to the liquid waterproofing sector for some considerable time, since the LRWA took the bold decision a couple of years ago to invest in a dedicated CEO with the appointment of Sarah Spink, the association has been transformed into an innovative organisation that is both motivational and relevant to our industry.

All members traditionally enjoyed benefits such as networking and certain shared resources such as technical guidance and standards, however in the last year or so the LRWA has come of age and now excels by combining the industry’s shared strengths with a truly joined up approach across all subject matter and liquid genres.

Whether it is the expansion of training resources via manufacturer members and other partners, or facilitating robust technical collaboration on the many challenging issues facing waterproofing providers at the current time, or striving to improve quality across the entire sector, or ensuring we have a professional voice in the wider construction industry, the LRWA today represents an excellent investment of resources for contractor, manufacturer and associated members alike, protecting, safeguarding and expanding our future opportunities as a specialist part of an important nationwide industry.”

Manufacturer member

Ian Exall
National Sales Manager, Polyfoam XPS Ltd

“The LRWA is a very professional organisation which provides its members with an excellent forum to address the many issues that face companies involved in the liquid roofing market as well as the wider roofing and construction industry through its associations with other pan industry bodies. As an associate member we find it extremely helpful being able to network and engage with other companies that operate alongside us in the market.”

Associate member

Chris Bott
Director, Everlast Group

“The main benefit in becoming a member of the LRWA, is that we are part of an exceptional industry group, who are committed to supporting us with the challenges and continual change within our sector, particularly with the comprehensive range of training opportunities available for our operatives .”

Contractor Member