Makers Construction Ltd

Makers Construction Ltd
Building 4, Shenstone Business Park
Lynn Lane
WS14 0SB

Tel: 01543 480959
Fax: 01543 480676
Contact: Mr Luke Brighton


Makers are a structural refurbishment company of some 40 years (now owned by the existing Management since 31/12/07), with a specialism in Car Park Refurbishment and Liquid Applied Waterproofing to structures. Our workforce is fully trained and accredited, to apply liquid waterproofing/wearing systems, which we carry out on a nationwide basis. The deck waterproofing activity offered, is a total service and includes unique expansion joints, ensuring total waterproofing. We apply a range of liquid applied systems and guarantee all our works.

These works can be taken on as a full turnkey project with total management responsibility. Works on waterproofing of structures, includes roof waterproofing works and waterproof coatings to balconies and walkways.