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Prospect Place at Battersea Power Station


Alumasc Hydrotech 

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Winner LRWA Awards 2024
Liquid Roofing Project of the Year in a Buried Application

VolkerLaser was contracted to deliver the design, supply, and installation of hotmelt waterproofing and roof finishes to all three main structures as part of the Battersea Power Station project. Battersea Power Station is at the heart of central London’s largest visionary new development. The £9bn project sees the creation of a vibrant, mixed-use development including a new office district, commercial space, and private and affordable homes, making it an iconic project to be part of.  

VolkerLaser began works on Battersea Power Station Phase 3A in December 2019, having been appointed by Sir Robert McAlpine and the Battersea Power Station Development Company.

The scope of the project was immense. The entire site covered 42 acres, and we were contracted to work on three structures. These included the O1 Building, a 16-story, mixed-use development that included a hotel, residential apartments, and commercial space and Prospect Place 1 and 2, both being 16-story residential apartment buildings part of Prospect Park. The original scope of Phase 3A consisted of applying approximately 10,000m2 of Alumasc Hydrotech hot melt waterproofing, hard landscaping to roofs and terraces, and green (living) roofs across the three structures, but as work progressed the scope was extended to include the Town house Gardens, and the Pavilion Building, bringing the total application to circa 12,000m².  The project has a Covid-19 legacy. The pandemic caused major disruptions to the works, and resulted in delays to the programme. Our specialist team working on the contract implemented safeguarding measures to protect the projects’ momentum and implemented strict health and safety protocols, adhering to evolving guidelines and regulations to ensure the well-being of the workforce on the project.

However, the pandemic was not the only challenge our team needed to overcome. Due to the nature of the project, there were a number of other contractors active on site throughout the lifecycle of the project. The various interfaces with multiple contractors, including those responsible for the RC frame and the facade, was a key factor to the success of this project, and demanded meticulous planning to ensure seamless progression throughout our time on site.  We worked closely with our appointed designer to develop the initial architect’s design intent into workable construction drawings, and we collaborated with the material supplier, Alumasc, from the outset which meant the team resolved numerous complex detailing elements across the varied roof zones – specifically, the soft and hard landscaped podium, which was the central focus to the design. The O1 Building had unique challenges due to its complex shape and design, which even included a swimming pool at roof level, and needed detailed planning to ensure successful application of the hot melt roofing at this section. 

Our specialist team installed the Alumasc Hydrotech hot melt waterproofing, which has a track record of zero failures in 50 years worldwide. Subject to the highest levels of certification and testing. This fully warranted, BBA and European Technical Approved system is manufactured to last the lifetime of the structure to which it is applied. It is also made from 40% recycled content, making it a sustainable choice. The material is applied in a liquid state, complete with a special formulation of refined asphalts and synthetic rubbers for a 100% seamless bond. Therefore, avoiding any chance of water tracking. Its monolithic nature ensures no possibility of lap failures and is ideal for the expansive podium required at the Battersea site. In addition to its impressive performance, the system requires little maintenance. In terms of installation, it is fast and simple to apply, especially over complex roof details like those at Battersea, making it the most efficient product to use on this project.

Upon completion of the main membrane installation, the VolkerLaser team also installed the hard landscaping to the terraces and roofs on Prospect Place 1 and 2. In collaboration with a specialist installer of specified sedum roofing, we worked to meet all BREAAM requirements for the project. The inspiring regeneration of Battersea Power Station, showcase’s the world’s best architects and designs and the result has created a unique environment for a vibrant community. The team used ground-breaking products, they extensively and carefully planned works to ensure successful installation, they collaborated with stakeholders at every level, and they tackled a worldwide pandemic to deliver an iconic liquid roofing project that can be enjoyed by visitors and residents for many years to come.