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Siobhan Davies Dance Studio


Proteus Pro-System® Plus

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Millane Contract Services Ltd

Winner LRWA Awards 2019
Liquid Roofing Project of the Year Under 1000m2

The Siobhan Davies Dance Studio in London, an artist-led organisation that advances the art of dance and choreography, required a new cold applied, seamless waterproofing membrane. As the existing GRP had reached the end of its useful and serviceable life, Proteus Waterproofing conducted a roof survey, condition report and a bespoke specification, providing the client with a comprehensive understanding of the issues and offered the most practical, cost effective and durable waterproofing solution. Proteus Waterproofing installed Proteus Pro-System® Plus, extending the life of the structure by a further 20 years. Proteus Pro-System® Plus is a high performance, cold applied, seamless waterproofing covering, reducing the risk of fire

Disruptions had to be kept to a minimum due to the dance studios opening hours. As a school is located next to the studio, the client required a low odour system, making Proteus Pro-System® Plus the ideal waterproofing membrane as it reduces the risk of fire, which was a key factor for the client, due to the location. The system needed to be liquid as the substrate was not conventionally straight, with dome like features and incorporated awkward detailing such as the step-down box gutters and windows. Proteus Waterproofing worked closely with the Proteus Approved Contractor to complete the project to a high standard.

Firstly, the roof area was prepped with Pro-Epoxy Primer, a primer designed for excellent adhesion of Proteus Pro-System® Plus and outstanding water resistance and corrosion protection. Bond break tape was specified to the joints to facilitate free movement. Proteus Pro-System® Plus was then applied, incorporating Pro-Force, a reinforcement matting. The application was completed by applying the Proteus Pro-System® Plus Top Coat. .